LIGNOCEL® wood fibers


Cellulose products


LIGNOCEL® functional quality wood fibre products, lignocellulose


With the LIGNOCEL® wood fibre/ lignocellulose product lines, JRS fulfils the promise of high quality and functionality. In countless Industrial applications worldwide, the functional helpers successfully perform important roles in production, process or product characteristics.

Versatile functionality –designed by natue.

Learn more about the various functions and application fields of LIGNOCEL® wood fibers/lignocelluloses.

Individual specifications are available within the LIGNOCEL® product line of wood fibers and lignocellulosic materials: Softwood, hardwood, wood flour, fine powder, wood fibers,wood fiber granulates, wood fiber compounds, wood fiber additives, functional fibers and many more.

Our Product and application experts are glad to inform you about function, specification and dosage form.


LIGNOCEL® wood fiber/Lignocellulose- application fields:


Construction chemistry


Fibers for construction chemical products have application options, e.g. spreadable ingrain colors, magnesite screeds, wastepaper etc.

» Construction chemistry 

LIGNOCEL-Fibers for Construction Chemical Products



Untreated fibers of multiannual crops. Especially economical, unbleached and available in numerous grades. Supplemented by the program of high filtration celluloses.

» Filtration 


Fillers and structure-reinforcers


Wood fibers are first class structure-reinforcers, fillers, excipients and admixtures in various technical applications.

» Fillers and structure-reinforcers 

LIGNOCEL Wood fibers



Wood fibers are used as functional high quality filler in classical WPC (wood like plastic / wood plastic composites) applications.

» Plastics 

LIGNOCEL Wood fibers

Metal industry


Hardwood and softwood products are used in various methods for surface treatment are used.  

» Metal industry

LIGNOCEL Hardwood and softwood products



Corncob granules are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly abrasives and thickeners for the use in hand washing paste.

» Abrasives

LIGNOCEL Wood fibers

Seed Coating


Wood fibers are perfect for coating flower, vegetable and beet seeds.

» Seed Coating

LIGNOCEL Wood fibers

Pet Care


Natural plant fibers from selected native wood species are used in JRS quality products.

» Pet Care


Raw materials


Innovative materials, manufactured with functional JRS wood fibers.

» Raw materials 

LIGNOCEL Raw materials

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