Healthy Food Symposium, Amsterdam

Healthy Food Symposium, Amsterdam zoom

Healthy Food Symposium, Amsterdam, 2014


On the 2 December J. Rettenmaier und Söhne (JRS) held a symposium at the seminar location “De Nieuwe Liefde” in Amsterdam on „Healthy Food, Present & Future“.   

The event parallel to this year’s Health Ingredient fair focused on healthy and forward-looking diet featuring lectures and discussions on the role of fibers, strategies for fiber enrichment and fat reduction in different food categories and also the special nutrition requirements “vegetarism” and “gluten free”.  

New insights in the field of nutrition as well as health and nutritional claims were comprehensively presented. Prof. Dr. Hauner from the Technical University Munich spoke about obesity & diabetes, namely the potential for prevention and treatment of these lifestyle-associated diseases and the positive role of fibers herein. Another external speaker held a presentation on the effect of fibers and enzymes on the baking properties of different wheat flour qualities. The event was completed with a lunch buffet which proved that it is possible to combine taste and fiber enriched and energy reduced meals nowadays.


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